Enriching the mind, body, and spirit

Specializing in Medical & Sports Massage, Energywork, and Lifestyle Coaching

Massage Therapy & Bodywork

They play a unique role in the body’s ongoing physical and mental replenishing for balance and well-being. We offer professional, personalized services that address the whole person.

Each session is designed around the specific goals of the client during the intake process. Whether that is address specific health issues, such as reducing pain and stiffness from arthritis, preparing for a specific sports event or taking time for yourself to unplug and relax. Some sessions are done over loose fitting clothing (bodywork) while others are more traditional in nature (massage therapy) with lotions to moisturize and nourish the body while incorporating essential oils to aid in relaxation.

Stress Relief

A Swedish massage designed to relieve muscle tension, release mental and physical strain, stimulate circulation, in a safe, nurturing environment for deep relaxation. Methods are tailored to your specific needs creating a heightened sense of well-being.

Sports Massage

Designed for the athlete and their sport, this massage helps the muscles return to normal function, allowing the athlete to resume activity sooner. This massage is ideal for any athlete interested in injury prevention, recovery, maintenance or overall wellness.

Medical Massage

For individuals seeking relief for conditions such as sciatica, carpal tunnel, arthritis, low back pain, chronic neck pain, anxiety, rotator cuff injuries, etc.

Note:  Physicians Authorization required.

  • I appreciate your ability and flexibility to listen and understand my concerns and try to find ways improve them
    Rosemary M
  • Learned a lot about myself that I didn’t expect!
    Karen G
  • Donna is very approachable and knowledgeable, I loved it!
    Linda S
  • This was a fun, informative and relaxing way to spend my evening
    Amy P
  • We covered a lot of useful information, in a three hour period, that I can take home and reflect upon, looking forward to a follow-up session!
    Robin P
  • This workshop makes you reflect on your lifestyle and help to make more informed choices, it was fun and informative
    Chris E
  • I found the Inside Out Wellness workshop to be very enlightening and fun!
    Amy G
  • I learned a great deal about myself and health issues I need to be more aware of
    Lisa S
  • The Inside Out Wellness workshop was thought provoking, positive and inspiring
    Deb M
  • This workshop makes you reflect on your lifestyle and helps you make more informed choices
    Chris E
  • Inside Out Wellness is a good step toward achieving holistic health
    Kathleen A
  • In Donna's Inside Out Wellness workshop I learned how to listen to my body in a different way and understand how it communicates back to me
    Jill H
  • Donna's approach to health and the way the body processes food and water gave me a new perspective on how my body operates and how I can achieve better health
    Amy M

More Testimonials

Health & Fitness Coaching

Flex, Stretch & Move

For those who have exercised in the past but due to lifestyle or work schedules do not have a lot of time to commit to exercise. We meet with you to design a workout program that will help you reach your fitness goals, timeline and functional needs.

Massage Workshop

Designed for people who want to learn how to improve the health and relieve stress of their loved ones through massage therapy at home. This hands-on approach will walk each participant through proven somatic (mind-body) techniques and discuss how your environment or activities affects your body.

Lifestyle Management

Coaching program for the proactive individual looking for healthier ways to navigate the aging process. Through dialogue and assessments you will become aware of how your body responds to stress and your environment. Then show you techniques you can incorporate at home to reduce tension to become more positive and productive.

Cardio Drumming

This all new heart pounding fitness class will get you moving to a beat you never knew was inside you. This class uses the principles from movement therapy, music, sound therapy, fitness, and rhythmic education for a whole mind, body workout you won't soon forget.

Individual and small group sessions available

About Donna Armentrout

Donna Armentrout

The foundation of my practice focuses on enriching the mind, body, and spirit of my clients through massage therapy techniques and education. I specialize in the healing arts including advanced bodywork, energy work, personal training, and health coaching. On-site corporate wellness services are provided to several local organizations in the area.

My advanced training in Reiki, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Corporate Chair Massage and Geriatrics allows me the opportunity to provide a holistic approach to each client served regardless of age or setting.


  • Graduate of SHI Medical Massage School
  • Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio in 2002
  • Certified by ACE Personal Trainer
  • Certified HeartMath® Coach1
  • Certified Drums Alive® Instructor


American Council on Exercise
Metro Dayton BNI
State of Ohio Medical Board
SHI Medical Massage School

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My office is located in the The Dayton Landing at 115 Monument Ave, Lower Level, Dayton, OH 45402. Office hours: By appointment only

If you have questions or need additional information, please call (937) 371-7906 or email me at


Self-Care Products

Use between sessions to support overall health and wellness goals. Each product is specifically chosen for their high quality and effectiveness.

  • Wild’ Erb Lotions & Oils
  • Nature Creations Herbal Wraps for Relaxation