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  • Massage Therapy Services:
Upper Body Therapeutic Massage - This massage focuses on the neck, shoulders, back and arms. This concentrated massage eases tension and improves circulation in the tense areas of the body.

Swedish Full Body Massage - The most popular form of therapeutic massage, that focuses on relieving tension, improving range of motion and creating a heightened sense of well being.

Ultimate Therapeutic Massage - This massage is designed to melt your stress away. A combination of Swedish, Cranial/Sacral therapy and Reiki techniques to leave you renewed and rejuvenated.

Sports Massage - Specifically designed to help performance and recovery by using compression, deep friction, and stretching. This massage helps the muscles return to normal function, allowing the athlete to resume activity sooner. This massage can be customized to the athlete and their sport.

Energywork - Performed in conjunction with full body massage, this light hands-on therapy, which detects and fixes imbalances in the cranial-sacral system. Enhances the body’s self-healing to dispel stress in your central nervous system.

Reiki - Pronounced "ray-key," is a form of healing touch. This non-intrusive Japanese healing modality is a gentle and natural alternative healing method to Swedish massage.
  • Corporate Services:
Corporate and Event Chair Massage - This massage is done at the workplace or event and is designed to reduce tension and stress of the neck, back shoulders and arms. This is done over clothing in just 10-15 minutes and makes great gift for your staff after a busy week.

Stress Management Workshop - Developed for the proactive manager. This workshop will make you and your employees aware of how they handle stress in their environment and how that stress affects their performance, morale and effectiveness. We then address ways to reduce that stress and tension to become more positive and productive in the workplace.

Massage Workshop - Designed for those curious about massage therapy and the health benefits it promotes. This hands-on approach will walk each participant through proven massage techniques and discuss how your environment and activities affects your body.

Private and small group sessions available. Call for pricing and availability.
  • My Qualifications:
I am licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio and am a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. The foundation of my practice is based around enriching the mind, body and spirit of my clients through various massage therapy techniques and education. I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association & the AMTA-OHIO Sports Massage Team.
  • Pricing:
Prices vary with services rendered and length of service, please call for details or view our Gift Certificates for individual service pricing.

Special pricing available for package sessions, ask for details

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  • Hours of Operation:
All hours by appointment only.
  • Directions to Find Me:
My office is located in the Dayton Landing, Lower Level, in downtown Dayton. Click here for a map and directions.
  • Terms of Service:
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115 Monument Ave., Lower Level, Dayton, OH 45402

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