Client Testimonials

Real comments from long term clients about their experience and what you could, and often will, encounter during one of our sessions.

“Donna takes the time to listen to her clients and plan out a strategy to best help them with any issues that may be occurring in their body. Her techniques are spot on and just by her touch, she can pinpoint the problem area and work to free up tight muscles until the body relaxes and is happy again. Both my husband and myself enjoyed our massages and look forward to our next visit.” Jill H

“Donna's approach to massage is to encourage you to be attentive to your body. At each session, she listens to you and responds accordingly. She makes good suggestions for exercises and practices between sessions.” Jim F

“Back-in-the-day, my hands were known for their “gorilla-grip.” As the years rolled on, the grip diminished and finally disappeared. My wife convinced me to see Donna who took my problem as her personal challenge. The grip is returning--Yeah Donna! Her new challenge is my feet. There’s always something!” James B.

“As someone who had lower back pain for years I am so glad I started getting monthly massages from Donna (about 9 years now. I am virtually pain free and I owe it to her massages and recommended stretches- she’s the best!” Bill L

“Donna is hands down the best massage therapist ever! During training for my first half marathon and recovery after she kept me going both physically and mentally. She knows her stuff and does an excellent job!” Kendra I

“After having a massage from Donna, I feel a wholeness throughout my body. My muscles are relaxed and there is a sense of connectedness with every part of my body.” Tom P

"I am very happy I found Donna, my medical massage therapist. She enjoys a challenge - hearing about my sports combined with age-related ailments and then going about fixing them. In fact, I think she is a bit disappointed if I don't have an issue. "When I do, it is amazing to me that after a few minutes of discussion about the pain in my right glute or leg she puts her finger in the middle of my left shoulder and asks does this hurt? Ouch! Yes, it does. THEN, instead of grinding away at the knot as I've experienced with other therapists, she does some magical thing of having me move my arm around until I don't feel the pain, applying pressure on the pain point for 30 seconds or so, and, low and behold the pain is gone. "I appreciate the dedication she has to developing her knowledge base and sharing it with me. I happily recommend her to my friends." Kathleen C

“Donna doesn't just give you an "out of the box" massage. She asks what you've been up to, listens and ponders what your body has been through. She studies and practices different therapy techniques from all over the world. I first started going to Donna 2 and a half years ago. I'd broken my back in 2012 and was taking 2 - 8 Ibuprofen a day. I visit Donna twice a month and can't tell you the last time I took Ibuprofen. She accommodates busy schedules, is easy to talk to and has convenient locations.” Beth G

“Thank you so much for the great massages. After the second one I had tremendous relief...”

“Donna is an amazing massuse! I have dance background and know exactly what my body requires in order to stay balanced. She was able to tune into my specific needs. I had intense pain in my back and she zeroed right in on the area and gave me tremendous relief. Four days later and I'm still feeling the beneficial effects. I highly recommend her!!!” Cindy B, Les Miserables Touring Company

“First of all I want to say it was wonderful to meet and talk to you BEFORE the massage. I have had many massages in the past and THAT was unique to one has REALLY listened to me tell about the pain I have and my needs regarding the massage to follow. Thank you for that.”

“You seemed to really "know your stuff" which made me feel like I was in good hands immediately, and once the massage stared I knew I was!!!!! Thank you for taking care of me so well on the table, which by the way, was THE MOST COMFORTABLE MASSAGE TABLE I HAVE EVER BEEN ON!!!! I really appreciate you focusing on the areas of my body that needed the most attention and I can honestly say I felt MUCH better after my treatment.”

“The last thing I want to add is in regards to the "mood" in your was so calming that just lying there I felt safe, at peace and extremely relaxed. I THOROUGHLY appreciate your silence during the work you do....there is NOTHING worse than a chatty massage therapist. I hope to see you again the next time I get to Dayton. Good luck and keep the healing coming.” Lois Y, Teacher/Chaperone for Les Miserables Touring Show

“Thank you so much for the wonderful massage. My head, neck, shoulders, and back have been pain free for almost three weeks. I have a sticky note next to my desk reminding me to have good posture, and to breathe lol. Thanks for all you do.” Leighanne M

“I had an amazing experience with Donna! She is a great communicator and made it important to understand how I was feeling and what I was looking for from the session before we started. I walked out of her massage room feeling like a completely new person! All of the tension and tightness in my shoulders was gone and I'm still feeling great two weeks later. I highly recommend her and will definitely be going back to her the next time I need a massage.” Audrey L, Assistant Volleyball Coach, University of Dayton

“Thanks so much for fixing my bite and my aches and pains!! I feel so much better. I did some more work on the inside of my mouth like you showed me and it really helped. Makes a huge difference cause I don’t have the urge to grind my teeth. And all of that helps relieve the tension in my neck, face and head”. You are amazing!!” Andrea C

“Had to tell you my neck feels so much better today! Iced last night then CryoDerm today at will. Thank you!” Lisa S

“Thank you for introducing me to the Mineral Spray and Face Cream, the cream makes my skin feel good especially since we spend a lot of time out west, but the spray is starting to kick in a lot and I don’t take Motrin as much as I did.” Patti

“You do an awesome work with your clients bringing wholeness and wellness to their being.” Judy N, Spiritual Director